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My Dog Can Do That
Copyright 1996 No guts, No Glory

Game Review by Lyn Richards


This game is FUN! Whether it is played as a household with the family dog, competition in a group Obedience class, or solitaire in order teach your dog tricks, this game is valuable as a learning tool, and a RIOT to boot!

Complete with a training manual by Dr. Ian Dunbar and Terry Ryan, the game is impossible to put down!

The object of the game, according to the manual: To be the first team to Finish the race to Hollywood and become STUNT MASTER -the most famous animal actor on the planet. Human/dog teams move forward by successfully performing tricks of skill and good manners, while advancing their acting skills. The board part of the game is like most other games, the object is to get to the end. The best part of this game is in the actual training and performance of the tasks assigned.

There is a GREAT Dog Training Safety introduction, and a clear discussion of what dogs should and should not play this game. Also there is a discussion of WHY dogs should learn tricks, when they shouldn't, and an alert for parents when supervision of children teaching these tricks is recommended.

The training methods are all positive/reward based, my kind of training. I can't find anything I don't like about this game, except that maybe the directions for some of the tricks are slightly confusing for a younger child.

An example of how to play this game took place the evening after I'd opened the game and started playing with it at home. I was teaching a beginner obedience graduating class, and there was some time left between the lesson end and the handing out of diplomas. I decided to "fill" the time by pulling out beginner level game cards and giving one to each student. Asked if any of them had taught their dogs tricks yet, none had. I gave each student three minutes of time to attempt to get their dog to perform the simple tricks on their own (I also handed out freeze dried liver). None were successful, UNTIL I handed each one the training book that comes with the game and "walked" them thru the trick. Within five minutes each dog had either "crawled", "sat up and begged" or "waved" on command!

These students were thrilled to death! Needless to say that this is ONE class who will be attending another course at our school, one entitled "My Dog Can Do That"!

Your Dog Can Do That too! Buy this game, I give it 5 PAWS UP!

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Lyn Richards

This review is the expressed opinion of Lyn Richards, and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of Netpets®, Inc.

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